The Apartment of My Wildest Dreams – Part II

The perfect living, these words sound like heaven to me.

The living room of my dreams will be more colourful than the bedroom. I will attempt to decorate it according to Feng Shui, energy will flow (yep, I’m aware of how New Age this sounds haha). 

In Feng Shui, a room is separated into nine different parts: Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, Relationships, Family, Health, Children & Creativity, Self Awareness & Knowledge, Career and, finally, Helpful People & Travel

Let’s start with the last key words on the list – Helpful Peoliving8ple & Travel. In this part of the room mirrors can help expand your perspective, photographs and maps can help us focus on foreign adventures. Here I will put a map of the world and a big mirror which will furthermore enhance space. It’s just a little reminder of what’s waiting for us out there !

In the Career part of your room, put things that can grow, flow or relate to your aims. My favourite flowers are orchids because they look so exotic and are super easy to maintain (water once a week…perfect flowers, helloo). Those and images or work done by my favourite authors will find their place here. Gala Darling and Danielle LaPorte will definitely be featured on it. (My all-time favourite of her Truthbombs: Say what your soul needs to say.) Apart from those items, you can add objects relating to water, such as water fountains (stuff that flows, you know). 

Self Awareness & Knowledge. Uuuh, this area though. Books, books, books. Here, everything is about expanding your inner world. Hence, a light, white bookshelf it is. I recommend placing books next to each other that relate to your beliefs, that have helped you get a new perspective or simply make you feel good. I, for example, need my edition of Susan Cain’s “The Power of Introverts” and all my graphic novels (thank you friends and boyfriend for introducing me to them!) because they remind me of who I am and of my values, simply of what’s important to me.

bookshelf4FamilyWhat comes to your mind when you think about your family? This family can either be your biological family, or friends you have picked who are like family to you. Biological or not, family is just a concept and it doesn’t matter if you are bound to them through kinship or not. The family space of your room is a very beautiful one and it would be lovely if you adorned it with pictures capturing your experiences or even ordinary happenings with your loved ones. If you have any family heirlooms, arrange them in a manner that gives you a powerful feeling. They will give you strength to carry on doing what you are most passionate about. This is the place (in your room) to celebrate your friends and family, to celebrate love (celebrate them everywhere though, please!). 


Your body is constantly speaking to you. Your body will tell you what it wants to see in the Health sphere of your living room. Healthy plants, anything yellow or even exercise equipment will support your feeling of being well and fit.Yellow wallpaper or an image of an ice-cream cone with a scoop of mango ice-cream….mmh, that doesn’t only sound delicious but will brighten up your day and put you in a good mood. It’s maybe not the healthiest choice but will definitely make you happy and who’s happy is healthy, right? So bring it on, mango ice-cream with sprinkles cone!

Sphere numero 6: Children and Creativity. Did you collect the pictures you draw in kindergarten, at school, in a painting class or simply for yourself, when you felt like picking up those brushes and put your feelings or mood on paper? This is the place to put all of them. They will be a constant reminder of what you are really capable of. Your creativity has no boundaries. 

When people ask us what we want in life, I am really sure many of us say: ProsperityPlace your favourite and most precious jewellery here, purple,red and gold are the colours that attract the most prosperity. Purple is the colour of luxury, creativity and of self-fulfilment.


I love wearing my necklace with a purple amethyst, I love the calming energy it exudes. If you have any crystals that carry a certain meaning, hang them up in this corner, in this part of the room. I also recommend arranging your favourite flowers here, they are a symbol for life, love and beauty, and that is really what prosperity is about, hey?

The beautifully extravagant Lady Gaga once said

“Fame for me is not external, it’s internal. So I’ve been famous for a long time.”

Put photographs on the wall, place trophies and medals on a shelf that show your achievements. Light some candles next to the things that make you proud. Frame a newsletter article that reported on you. As you do with everything, put all your positivity into this little space of Fame and Reputation. Let the little space grow and become your life. Fame and reputation are not about what others think of you. It’s not only about receiving admiration and respect from others, but it is especially for yourself. You want to rock your dreams and be crazy and do your thing and reach absolute fulfilment. You define what fame means to you. Fame comes in the most different ways. I’m curious what your path will be like. Tell me about it ♥

found on

My best friend is my dog. I do love my boyfriend too though. Last but not least, we need to
decorate our Relationship zone. Relationships are all about expansion, growth. Particularly love relationships are among the most intimate bonds we have. Once again, decorate your wall with some images showing yourself surrounded by friends or your partner. Hang up mirrors, expand not only the spacial area but also your inner life. Let energy flow and attract some awesome people into your life. Deep down you know what you want and what kind of people you wish to be surrounded by. However, it won’t hurt if you have some visual reminders along with it 🙂

And now go! Create the living room of your dreams! (And show me pictures and ideas and how your dog is peacefully snoring on your fluffy pink couch!)

Yours always,

Josephine ♥



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