The question is..What do we wanna do with our life?

What do we want to do with our life? Do we want to go to college, get a job as a journalist, an ice cream vendor, a hairdresser, the host of a puppy show, an Instagram star?

There are literally endless opportunities for things you can do in this world, in Germany, in England, in China, Russia, South Africa, America. I think it doesn’t matter how old we are, where we are from and from which background, every once in a while we get to this point where we ask ourselves “What is this all about? What am I doing with my life? And am I really living up to my standards? To my dreams?”

What are you doing right now? Does it fulfill you? Does it make you happy? I am going to university right now, I study North American Studies, and it’s fun, it has opened my mind and I feel like I am growing every single day. I have met my squad (we are the weirdest girls ever!), my boyfriend and I am grateful every single day that I have ventured this step. All this wouldn’t have happened had I not made the decision to move to the greatest city ever (BERLIN, I LOVE YOU) and begin to study.

However, there are these days where I ask myself “What am I gonna do with this? And is this really what I want to do?”. I keep thinking that, had my father not told me to go to university and get a degree, I would have never decided to go this way. And I still think that there is more for me out there. I want to risk something, do something, discover the world and spend time with all those beautiful people in the world and see all those beautiful places! I want to jump into a cold sea in the middle of the night, stars sparkling on the sky above and dash out again to cuddle into a soft and warm towel.

What is it you want to do in your life, what are the things you feel an urge to experience? Have you ever thought about doing something that’s contrary to what people expect from you? Something that doesn’t match the status quo? As long as it fulfills you and doesn’t harm you or others, do it! Try it! When you find your dream job, dream place, dream everything, you will attract your people into your life. You will find your own tribe, your people who will understand you and love you for who you are (It is actually as easy as that 🙂 A positive mindset brings positive things into your life). And this is really all we need in life.

Life your life. Stay brave and adventurous. And damn, love yourself!




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