It’s okay to be proud of yourself.

Hello dear,

I am writing these words while half-sitting/half-lying on my couch in my flat in Berlin. Yesterday I went to a friend’s Birthday (ok, it kind of turned into a sleep-over, so loved that when I was a child, didn’t you too?) and I’m recalling the events of last night.

Do you ever catch yourself at telling a story you kind of feel ashamed of because you think others will ridicule for it, even though you’re actually proud of it? Ok, that was one confusing sentence! I’ll simply tell you what happened to me last night, it really upsets me thinking about it now: So the thing is, I used to be part of a group of jugglers. We would wear medieval costumes, sleep and live in tents and we would make appearances on renaissance festivals. We were kind of living like people did back then, simple compared to today, we would eat, juggle, sleep, that was it. And I loved it. I loved it so much and I was incredibly proud of the group and of myself. I felt like I could do something others couldn’t. And I loved showing what I can do.

So yesterday, we were talking about theme parks. In Germany, the biggest one is in Rust, it’s called “Europapark”, and every year they would hire our group to perform for the visitors. That is what I told them. The point is that I didn’t express it like I was proud of myself but my voice soften and my eyes would move away from their faces and towards the floor. I felt ashamed of something I had loved so much. Fortunately, my girlfriends are amazing and immediately told me I needn’t be embarrassed for it (they got the excitement with juggling 😉 ). However, thinking about it now makes me angry. I was scared of being ridiculed so I started it myself. exerted shame on myself because I thought that’s what the others would expect me to do.

So, lovely, let me tell you: Never, ever, ever, ever, ever feel ashamed for something you really really are proud of. Never feel ashamed for your quirks, preferences or skill (however freaky or absurde they may seem, I’m sure they are amazing!) because that’s what really makes you you! And that is amazing! Otherwise, we would all be the same, same old boring everyday.

Darling, never feel ashamed of yourself. You are perfect the way you are. And you are brave enough to champion your cause. And not only will YOU love yourself for it, others will notice it too and won’t even think about trying to ridicule you (except if they suck, that’s not your problem though). They will think that you’re on badass woman (which you absolutely are)!

Be proud of yourself!

Today (and every day) I want you to celebrate yourself! Stand up for your opinion and never ever allow others to impose shame on you!

You are RAD!

Love always,



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