When life wears you down, how do you get back your glow?

Dear precious reader,

it’s been some time since I last uploaded a text on here and I want to say: I’m sorry for that. Do you know these times of low-energy, low-motivation and an overall feeling of being stuck? That’s exactly what happened to me the last few weeks and still goes on in some respect.

I was thinking what is going on, asking myself what I could do to end this time of barrenness and unhappiness. Is it really life that is wearing me down or am I the own to be made responsible? (I guess you already know what the answer to this question is, right?)

It is me!

It is me, my past, my future, my thoughts, my experiences, my fears, my not existing dealing with important issues in my life. Indecisiveness really takes your peppiness! (How awesome is this word, by the way?)

So my first step to get out of this cycle of unproductiveness and dissatisfaction was to leave my home town and and make my way to the place of my wildest dreams: Berlin. It is amazing how some of my inner tensions disappeared the moment more than 100 kilometers separated me from the small town I come from. Old emotional ballast escaped my chest and I felt like I could breathe again. Moreover, I suddenly felt my brain opening up again, making room for new ideas, new adventures and a new me.

Then, university started and I was back in this place of feeling insufficient, overwhelmed and helpless.

So much work to do, new faces, new syllables, it can all be overwhelming at times.

But: University is for widening your horizon, expanding your knowledge about things that really interest you, that excite your passion! University is not a place of misery but a place for growth and fun!

I think it’s so amazing how our body shows us exactly what we need: since I am under constant pressure (induce by this girl here!), I feel a strong urge to buy all things that smell like rose; I got myself a hand cream smelling like rose, tea made of rose bud…And I told a friend about this sudden need for rosy things. She told me that she always drinks a cup of the rose bud tea when she needs to calm down. Rose apparently has a soothing effect on our bodies. It’s amazing, right?

Now, I want to know how you cope when you’re feeling low or when your chest feels constricted..how do you cope? What are your techniques?

Lovely, I wish you a wonderful and exciting day!




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