Declaration of Love – To Myself

My dear reader,

Valentine’s Day is over, you did it. You survived this day of consumption and declarations of love (which should be made every-single-day).

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really care for Valentine’s Day as such, as day where you feel the need to express the love to your partner, by sending him or her flowers, by crafting some beautiful heart-shaped pillow/letter/anything for your lover or by simply not mentioning their flaws on this one day. Not to be misunderstood, I love all of what I just listed. But I do not subscribe to doing them only once per year on a day called Valentine’s Day.

If you are part of facebook, it’s inevitable to notice the madness that comes with this ominous day. I read articles by lovely ladies trying to strengthen all the single ladies out there, trying to prepare them for the big day, reassuring them that they are amazing, smart, beautiful and don’t need a man to fulfill their wildest dreams. Were you aware that Valentine’s Day is apparently a threat to the self-esteem of a woman? I did not until last Valentine’s Day. And this made me really sad.

I want to tell you how I spent my Valentine’s Day. Now as I’m thinking about it, I remember that it all started at a party. Friday the thirteenth, we had had a huge exam, testing us on the history, cultural world and literary productions in America since the very beginning. It was a bid deal for all of us, so we felt ready to shake it all off at a little get-together. I remember a friend asking me what day it was and I self-evidently answered ”Sure! It’s Friday the thirteenth!” No, it wasn’t. I had lost all my sense of time, so he answered ”No, it’s past twelve, so it’s Valentine’s Day!” And then he gave me a biiig and looong kiss on my left cheek. He was so sweet.

That is how I started into Valentine’s Day.

When I woke up at home after the party, I did some cleaning. First things first, if the flat is not tidy, my mind and heart aren’t either.

At around two I met my wonderful friend Ronja at Friedrichstraße in Berlin. First we visited a friend of ours, Marina, at All Saints, we did some (shoe) shopping there (I feel so guilty) and in Marina’s break went for a coffee near the Spree. It was beautiful. You know these moments where everything feels right? Where you feel overwhelmed with how content and happy you are with your life? Yeah, that was one of these moments.After finishing our coffees, we started walking back towards Friedrichstraße and Ronja and I decided that it was time for some bookstore-bliss. And good God, I had never seen that many beautiful and special books in one place in my whole life before. It was total beatitude. I decided for Girl Trouble by Carl Dyhouse which is about movements of feminism in the history of England.Luckily for me, Ronja chose to give a beautiful version of Pride and Prejudice to me, its cover is a very special black and white drawing. I felt blissful.

Lovely you, I wholeheartedly hope that you too had an incredible Day of Love. And I hope that you decided to have more of these in your life than just once a year. I hope for you to manage to tell yourself how much you love yourself with all he little flaws and quirks that make you so spectacular, special, unique and perfect.

I’m going to start by telling you: I love you. Now it’s your turn.

Yours forever,



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