The Road Not Taken- Choose the Glamorous One!

Hello love!

Today I woke up to the sound of my doorbell. I only opened the door at the second ring, I couldn’t imagine who would need me that early a day, it was 8 in the morning. Anyways, I got up and had to realize that I was rudely awakened by- the police.

No drama, it was only because of my brother who apparently decided to go a few miles per hour too fast. But that was it with my sleep, I was wide awake by now. So I though: Yay, studying! Seriously, my first thoughts was that it was good I woke up that early, because now I had more time for studying.

I love what I study, I really do. But all that learning really robs most of my energy.

But, I wanted to find out what it is, that takes up all my energy. I found out: It was not the studying itself, but my attitude towards it. My thoughts would range from “I will never get all that stuff into my brain” & “Everybody else is smarter than me” to “Ok, I will quit. I will just do it. I’ll never manage to remember everything so basically I’m just a bad student”.

But wrong!


I was not a bad student, only because others knew different things than me (and I might know things they don’t!), or only because I didn’t read that whole text about Slavery in the Old South. I was a great student, because I managed to write that paper on Heidegger’s Letter On Humanism even though my knowledge about philosophy is incredibly limited. I was a great student because I researched Edwards Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, and thus was able to explain it to fellow students.

What I am trying to say here, is: We always have a choice. We always have the choice to take the positive way. Of course, we could endlessly wallow in self-pity, or belittle ourselves. But what’s the use? By using up your thoughts for the negative in the world you’re doing neither good for yourself nor for others. Decide to think the positive thought and feel how this will inspire you and enrich your life. Feel, how warmth will unfold inside your chest. Catch yourself smiling in the bus, just like that. Just because you can. Just because you deserve to feel all the happiness and positivity in your life. Just because you matter and you can add some magic to other people’s lives by it. Positivity is something so rare in our society. Make it the standard.

Magic kisses,



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