Let’s make some magic!

Hello, wonderful reader,

as it is the time around New Moon, things change, new impulses come to our lives, old happenings we haven’t yet processed come back to our minds and we might even feel the need to change something in our life. Drastically.

You might know, that I am following Gala Darling quite excessive (in a positive way, really!), so of course I read about her article on the time around new moon. Gala introduced some rituals to me, as how to make the best out of this exciting time. I decided to start my New Moon by writing down all the feelings, habits, people and paranoia I no longer want in my life. What I clearly no longer want in my life is unnecessary stress and the feeling that I won’t be able to get things done. That is something I am working on since it got ‘serious’ in High School. You can imagine how relieving it felt to me, when I burned that stress bitch down! (just kidding here, stress has its good sides too) (anyway, I enjoyed burning that piece of paper to ashesss).

What do you no longer want in your life? Who are the people who make your life harder or who draw all the energy from you without adding some to your life? Which are the habits that you have become aware of and no longer want because they don’t add value to your daily life? Sit down and really take time to think about these things, write them on a piece of paper, light a candle (maybe even a candle in the color that’ll bring some magic to you; I choose purple because it radiates empowerment, ambitions, dreams (see http://galadarling.com/article/new-moon-magic-january-2015/) and then focus on that flame. Really take your time, put yourself in the mood for it. If you want to get rid of the feeling of helplessness, remember a situation where you felt this emotion, imagine it as vivid as possible; Then, put it into the flames, watch how the flames eat up your burden. Watch the helplessness end in smoke. Can you feel the ease yet?

I really hope for you to shake off some old strain and start fresh and recovered into the rest of your life. It’s wort it.

With all my heart, I wish you a wonderful day and I hope

that you make some magic today 🙂

Yours sincerely,



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