What’s my age again?

I just did a test on how old I am.

Do you ever think about “acting your age” or that you should do things differently, think about how you acted when you were younger and kind of which you still were this person?

Well, I don’t. Okay, I don’t want to lie, there are these days where I catch myself thinking that when I was younger, everything seemed to be so much easier. The truth is, however, that I was shy, self-conscious, didn’t dare to say what I wanted and constantly told people what they wanted to hear. I didn’t speak my mind, I spoke what I thought was theirs.

So, today I did this very trustworthy looking test which includes six questions from different, let’s call them, “disciplines”. Six questions and you know my age? Damn, that must be one efficient test.

While I was doing the test I observed myself answering the questions. Was I answering the way I thought I would have to in order to get my actual age as a result? Was I answering according to what I thought would be the most favorable answer? Indeed, one question got my attention for more than one second. I had to choose a band. The selections were marvelous: The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Mozart or Justin Bieber. Wait, what?

I was thinking “Ok, I really used to like to listen to Nirvana, but I haven’t listened to them for at least 4 years now (at least not deliberately), Rolling Stones? These guys rock but never really listen to them (shame on me, sorry). Justin Bieber, yeah right.” And my final thought: “Oh, this is so bad. I love Mozart. Picking him for my answer will make me gain so many years.” But honestly, choosing Mozart felt so right. So I chose Mozart. I am sure, a few years earlier I would have chosen Nirvana, because they are the cool kids. And I’m sure I would have thought that somebody I knew would be able to see my answers and that would be the bitter end for my reputation. Yes, I used to be a little paranoid.

Anyway, I chose Mozart. Do you know what age I got?


Now I wanted to see which “mistakes” I made and I decided to test this little test. How did it work?

And I have to tell you: It wasn’t Mozart. All this not because of good-old Mozart.

The second time I did the test, I decided to choose Nirvana instead of Mozart, this time my estimated age was 27.

The third time I did it, I decided to choose Justin Bieber. This is a completely surreal scenario, just to remind you. This time I got 20. My actual age. Ouch.

The fourth time I did it, I decided to choose The Rolling Stones, this time: 55.

55? Why would you be older when you like The Rolling Stones than when you’re in favor of Mozart?

I did the test once more, this time I stayed with Mozart but changed my favored drink from coffee to beer. And this, my lovely reader, presented me with an estimated age of 21.

I wonder which logic lies behind this highly-reliable seeming test.

You want to try it? Have some fun on here: http://www.applicazer.com/lols/guess_age/index.php?lang=de&retried=1

Have an amazing day,



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