Making Mistakes

Hello there lovely,

‘Making Mistakes’ was actually not the title I intended to use for this post. I wanted to combine it with a positive outlook such as ‘Making Mistakes & regaining your pride’ or ‘Making Mistakes & transforming it into something positive’. But I couldn’t settle on one of these ‘&’-sentences.

Making mistakes is inevitable just as it is human. What can we learn from mistakes and how often do we have to make them until we learn from them? “All is fair in Love and War”, that’s what an old saying goes. This saturday I remembered the first part of it, “in Love”. I made a mistake and I surely am not proud of it. It was stupid, it was brainless and I still have to bear the consequences.

There is no use running myself down, regardless of how much my mind is telling me “Damn girl, this time you really messed up.” I feel bad. I disrespected myself, my ideals, my morals which really does feel like crap. But hey, these things happen and what I can do about it is: talk about it, share my experience with people, think about it as to find a way to come to terms with it.

George Bernard Shaw once said that “a life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” I love this quote because hey, who doesn’t like to see something honourable in something we wouldn’t tag with the word honourable at all? Mr Shaw is of course right, what is worse than making no mistakes and thus experiencing nothing at all. In the end it’s experiences that shape who we are.


We all do things we aren’t necessarily proud of. But sometimes we have to do exactly those things in order to realise something new or get over something old. I do not regret the things I did.

So guys, whatever mistake you made, try to find the good in it and truly embrace it. You are not of lower value only because you did something wrong. Make the effort and grow.

You are worth forgiving yourself.

I wish you a wonderful day,



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