Dare To Be The Person You Want To Be.

Hello my lovely reader.

Today is a wonderful day. It is the 27th of December. It is a wonderful day because the holidays are over and the shops are open again. It is a wonderful day because snow is gracing trees, houses, whole areas.

Today is a beautiful day because my nails are a metallic sparkling pink nails and I am going to see my girlfriends. These wonderful ladies I see twice a year because we all live in different cities.

Yesterday, a friend I met during my studies in Austria, came to visit me. And I exactly knew that I would act differently in his presence. I knew because I always did so when he was around. My time in Austria was- let’s say- not a glorious time for me. So, as soon as he entered the door, stepped into my four walls, I became a different kind of myself. And I knew it! I absolutely felt how I was acting differently, laughing, talking, thinking differently.

So, anyway we began talking about things we never used to talk about. We started out with talking about innocent things like university, moving back to another city after the holidays. Then we switched to relationships. Then to fidelity and whether it’s necessary for an intact relationship. It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

The reason for it being amazing was that I allowed myself to be through and through the real me, with my real opinions and ideals. I did not shy away from defending or explaining or discarding them as I would usually do. I knew that it would not hurt me to tell what I was thinking, it would not upset him or make him not like him. You need to have an opinion in order to be able to argue and discuss. And damn, can arguing be fun!

What I am trying to convey here is, don’t try to tell people what they want to hear, this is neither enriching for you nor for the other person. Dare to Be yourself, Communicate yourself and most importantly Love yourself. Then, I promise you, everything will fall into place and trigger the magic in your life.

Take care beautiful,



One comment

  1. Cat · February 10, 2015

    Lovely and true words – thank you for reminding me ❤ If you are going to speak – always speak your truth! xox

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