Today I Am Grateful For……My Name!

Yes, today I am absolutely grateful for my name. I remember that this thought came to me when I was in a bus, I had just met a very good friend for coffee and cake and was now on my way back home. I was standing in this crowded bus, weird smells all around me, wild school kids pushing each other, yelling, teasing each other.. and all of a sudden I found myself thinking: I am grateful for my name.
My name and me- that is a long story. I never used to like my name, it is long and somehow old-fashioned. Josephine. When I was younger I thought that nobody would want to listen to me, saying my whole name. Never speak too much, let the others do the talking. I guess I was thinking that I was wasting people’s time by introducing me with my full name. Josephine.
Until this day, I  introduce myself using my nickname, which was still 2 syllables long, but in my eyes of an acceptable length. I never learned to appreciate my name, the sound of it, the various things you can do with it, the associations with it.
During my time in Austria, I decided to introduce myself with the name Josie. Nobody had ever called me that before, I used to be a Phine. And it was so interesting how disconnected I felt after a year of people calling me Josie. With the name Phine I linked so many qualities of myself- being kind, thinking positive, just to name two. But now that people used a different name for me, I felt disengaged from myself. I guarantee you, that is a very confusing thing. I somehow wanted people to call me Josie, I tried to be a new me, tried to start a new life, with a new name..turns out I didn’t like it that much!
So today, I am very grateful for my name. I like saying it. Josephine. I even like the English pronunciation better than the German one. For real. But if you ever wish to befriend me, call me Phine. I will even forgive typos (I don’t know how many times people addressed me with Phone in text messages).
I hope you appreciate your name as well, and if you’re tired of it or whatever, there’s ways to get rid of it!
I wish you a lovely lovely day,

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