Making Mistakes

Hello there lovely,

‘Making Mistakes’ was actually not the title I intended to use for this post. I wanted to combine it with a positive outlook such as ‘Making Mistakes & regaining your pride’ or ‘Making Mistakes & transforming it into something positive’. But I couldn’t settle on one of these ‘&’-sentences.

Making mistakes is inevitable just as it is human. What can we learn from mistakes and how often do we have to make them until we learn from them? “All is fair in Love and War”, that’s what an old saying goes. This saturday I remembered the first part of it, “in Love”. I made a mistake and I surely am not proud of it. It was stupid, it was brainless and I still have to bear the consequences.

There is no use running myself down, regardless of how much my mind is telling me “Damn girl, this time you really messed up.” I feel bad. I disrespected myself, my ideals, my morals which really does feel like crap. But hey, these things happen and what I can do about it is: talk about it, share my experience with people, think about it as to find a way to come to terms with it.

George Bernard Shaw once said that “a life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” I love this quote because hey, who doesn’t like to see something honourable in something we wouldn’t tag with the word honourable at all? Mr Shaw is of course right, what is worse than making no mistakes and thus experiencing nothing at all. In the end it’s experiences that shape who we are.


We all do things we aren’t necessarily proud of. But sometimes we have to do exactly those things in order to realise something new or get over something old. I do not regret the things I did.

So guys, whatever mistake you made, try to find the good in it and truly embrace it. You are not of lower value only because you did something wrong. Make the effort and grow.

You are worth forgiving yourself.

I wish you a wonderful day,



Dare To Be The Person You Want To Be.

Hello my lovely reader.

Today is a wonderful day. It is the 27th of December. It is a wonderful day because the holidays are over and the shops are open again. It is a wonderful day because snow is gracing trees, houses, whole areas.

Today is a beautiful day because my nails are a metallic sparkling pink nails and I am going to see my girlfriends. These wonderful ladies I see twice a year because we all live in different cities.

Yesterday, a friend I met during my studies in Austria, came to visit me. And I exactly knew that I would act differently in his presence. I knew because I always did so when he was around. My time in Austria was- let’s say- not a glorious time for me. So, as soon as he entered the door, stepped into my four walls, I became a different kind of myself. And I knew it! I absolutely felt how I was acting differently, laughing, talking, thinking differently.

So, anyway we began talking about things we never used to talk about. We started out with talking about innocent things like university, moving back to another city after the holidays. Then we switched to relationships. Then to fidelity and whether it’s necessary for an intact relationship. It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

The reason for it being amazing was that I allowed myself to be through and through the real me, with my real opinions and ideals. I did not shy away from defending or explaining or discarding them as I would usually do. I knew that it would not hurt me to tell what I was thinking, it would not upset him or make him not like him. You need to have an opinion in order to be able to argue and discuss. And damn, can arguing be fun!

What I am trying to convey here is, don’t try to tell people what they want to hear, this is neither enriching for you nor for the other person. Dare to Be yourself, Communicate yourself and most importantly Love yourself. Then, I promise you, everything will fall into place and trigger the magic in your life.

Take care beautiful,


Today I Am Grateful For……My Name!

Yes, today I am absolutely grateful for my name. I remember that this thought came to me when I was in a bus, I had just met a very good friend for coffee and cake and was now on my way back home. I was standing in this crowded bus, weird smells all around me, wild school kids pushing each other, yelling, teasing each other.. and all of a sudden I found myself thinking: I am grateful for my name.
My name and me- that is a long story. I never used to like my name, it is long and somehow old-fashioned. Josephine. When I was younger I thought that nobody would want to listen to me, saying my whole name. Never speak too much, let the others do the talking. I guess I was thinking that I was wasting people’s time by introducing me with my full name. Josephine.
Until this day, I  introduce myself using my nickname, which was still 2 syllables long, but in my eyes of an acceptable length. I never learned to appreciate my name, the sound of it, the various things you can do with it, the associations with it.
During my time in Austria, I decided to introduce myself with the name Josie. Nobody had ever called me that before, I used to be a Phine. And it was so interesting how disconnected I felt after a year of people calling me Josie. With the name Phine I linked so many qualities of myself- being kind, thinking positive, just to name two. But now that people used a different name for me, I felt disengaged from myself. I guarantee you, that is a very confusing thing. I somehow wanted people to call me Josie, I tried to be a new me, tried to start a new life, with a new name..turns out I didn’t like it that much!
So today, I am very grateful for my name. I like saying it. Josephine. I even like the English pronunciation better than the German one. For real. But if you ever wish to befriend me, call me Phine. I will even forgive typos (I don’t know how many times people addressed me with Phone in text messages).
I hope you appreciate your name as well, and if you’re tired of it or whatever, there’s ways to get rid of it!
I wish you a lovely lovely day,

Hello, darling!

Dear reader,

with these words I want to welcome you to my very own journey to self-love.

You might know this concept, this desire to find to one’s true self, to find a way as to love yourself as boldly and fully as possible. My journey indeed is inspired by two beautiful and amazing women, namely Gala Darling and Tracy McMillan.

You can checkout there blogs here:

Well, anyway. I am struggling with self-consciousness as long as I can remember. When I was younger, my family and I used to move around a lot and thus I was always the new girl. Even though I was a lively, happy, an always giggling child before we moved for the first time, I shut my mouth more and more often as I grew older.  So the more we moved, the more self-conscious and the quieter I became.

Now I am twenty, living in Berlin (the most amazing city EVER) and I am having the need to regain my power to speak, my power to communicate my feelings, my ideas and my inner happiness.

From now on, I will tell you about my progress with Gala Darling’s Self Love Letters. She is going to send me one letter for 30 days, reminding me of the beauty, wisdom and grace that lies in myself. And I want to share one or two tricks with you.

Welcome to my journey,