The Apartment of My Wildest Dreams – Part II

The perfect living, these words sound like heaven to me.

The living room of my dreams will be more colourful than the bedroom. I will attempt to decorate it according to Feng Shui, energy will flow (yep, I’m aware of how New Age this sounds haha). 

In Feng Shui, a room is separated into nine different parts: Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, Relationships, Family, Health, Children & Creativity, Self Awareness & Knowledge, Career and, finally, Helpful People & Travel

Let’s start with the last key words on the list – Helpful Peoliving8ple & Travel. In this part of the room mirrors can help expand your perspective, photographs and maps can help us focus on foreign adventures. Here I will put a map of the world and a big mirror which will furthermore enhance space. It’s just a little reminder of what’s waiting for us out there !

In the Career part of your room, put things that can grow, flow or relate to your aims. My favourite flowers are orchids because they look so exotic and are super easy to maintain (water once a week…perfect flowers, helloo). Those and images or work done by my favourite authors will find their place here. Gala Darling and Danielle LaPorte will definitely be featured on it. (My all-time favourite of her Truthbombs: Say what your soul needs to say.) Apart from those items, you can add objects relating to water, such as water fountains (stuff that flows, you know). 

Self Awareness & Knowledge. Uuuh, this area though. Books, books, books. Here, everything is about expanding your inner world. Hence, a light, white bookshelf it is. I recommend placing books next to each other that relate to your beliefs, that have helped you get a new perspective or simply make you feel good. I, for example, need my edition of Susan Cain’s “The Power of Introverts” and all my graphic novels (thank you friends and boyfriend for introducing me to them!) because they remind me of who I am and of my values, simply of what’s important to me.

bookshelf4FamilyWhat comes to your mind when you think about your family? This family can either be your biological family, or friends you have picked who are like family to you. Biological or not, family is just a concept and it doesn’t matter if you are bound to them through kinship or not. The family space of your room is a very beautiful one and it would be lovely if you adorned it with pictures capturing your experiences or even ordinary happenings with your loved ones. If you have any family heirlooms, arrange them in a manner that gives you a powerful feeling. They will give you strength to carry on doing what you are most passionate about. This is the place (in your room) to celebrate your friends and family, to celebrate love (celebrate them everywhere though, please!). 


Your body is constantly speaking to you. Your body will tell you what it wants to see in the Health sphere of your living room. Healthy plants, anything yellow or even exercise equipment will support your feeling of being well and fit.Yellow wallpaper or an image of an ice-cream cone with a scoop of mango ice-cream….mmh, that doesn’t only sound delicious but will brighten up your day and put you in a good mood. It’s maybe not the healthiest choice but will definitely make you happy and who’s happy is healthy, right? So bring it on, mango ice-cream with sprinkles cone!

Sphere numero 6: Children and Creativity. Did you collect the pictures you draw in kindergarten, at school, in a painting class or simply for yourself, when you felt like picking up those brushes and put your feelings or mood on paper? This is the place to put all of them. They will be a constant reminder of what you are really capable of. Your creativity has no boundaries. 

When people ask us what we want in life, I am really sure many of us say: ProsperityPlace your favourite and most precious jewellery here, purple,red and gold are the colours that attract the most prosperity. Purple is the colour of luxury, creativity and of self-fulfilment.


I love wearing my necklace with a purple amethyst, I love the calming energy it exudes. If you have any crystals that carry a certain meaning, hang them up in this corner, in this part of the room. I also recommend arranging your favourite flowers here, they are a symbol for life, love and beauty, and that is really what prosperity is about, hey?

The beautifully extravagant Lady Gaga once said

“Fame for me is not external, it’s internal. So I’ve been famous for a long time.”

Put photographs on the wall, place trophies and medals on a shelf that show your achievements. Light some candles next to the things that make you proud. Frame a newsletter article that reported on you. As you do with everything, put all your positivity into this little space of Fame and Reputation. Let the little space grow and become your life. Fame and reputation are not about what others think of you. It’s not only about receiving admiration and respect from others, but it is especially for yourself. You want to rock your dreams and be crazy and do your thing and reach absolute fulfilment. You define what fame means to you. Fame comes in the most different ways. I’m curious what your path will be like. Tell me about it ♥

found on

My best friend is my dog. I do love my boyfriend too though. Last but not least, we need to
decorate our Relationship zone. Relationships are all about expansion, growth. Particularly love relationships are among the most intimate bonds we have. Once again, decorate your wall with some images showing yourself surrounded by friends or your partner. Hang up mirrors, expand not only the spacial area but also your inner life. Let energy flow and attract some awesome people into your life. Deep down you know what you want and what kind of people you wish to be surrounded by. However, it won’t hurt if you have some visual reminders along with it 🙂

And now go! Create the living room of your dreams! (And show me pictures and ideas and how your dog is peacefully snoring on your fluffy pink couch!)

Yours always,

Josephine ♥



How to Master a Long-Distance Relationship Part I

IMG_2468The older we get, the more often we are confronted with a certain type of relationship, the long-distance relationship. Whether the couple is separated by a 3-hours drive or whether a whole ocean is between them, long-distance relationships are more common than we think (according to a study by, 13% of Germans are leading one). But long-distance relationships have the potential to flourish into a beautiful connection between two people.

My boyfriend and I have been in a long-distance relationship for about 8 months now. I was sceptical at the beginning, especially because we’d only been together (and also known each other) for just over a month. Honestly, I’d never thought I’d spend more time separated from a boyfriend than with him, and I surely never wanted to experience it. But now, 8 months into the whole long-distance thing, I can consider the results of it. And believe me, it’s better than you might think.


The day before Tom went back to England, we decided to numb the pain ( 😉 ) with lovely cake at cupcake berlin.

If you stick to certain rules in a long-distance relationship, it can be pretty amazing. In the following, I have collected a few things that my boyfriend and I do to make our relationship as wonderful as possible. 

Numero Uno: Communication is Key! Good communication is something I highly recommend. I don’t mean telling your significant other everything (you surely don’t want to tell them about the amazing holiday trip you booked for them as a surprise) but keeping the communication alive. Daily phone calls and messages every once in a while are crucial. Just involve your loved one in your daily routine and make them feel like they are an essential part of your life. 

The great part about messaging is that you don’t have to react to a statement right away. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and think about what has been said. I feel like often situations escalate because we choose to react immediately, instead of taking time to  realise that what the other meant might be the exact opposite of what you initially understood.

The beautiful thing about my relationship is that even though he lives in England and I am in Germany, I feel like I’m being part of what he is experiencing or going through. At the beginning of our long-distance relationship we would make cute little videos and sent them to each other. The visual component to a message was truly invigorating. Sometimes we would send each other short messages, just saying a quick hi before uni, other times we would make longer videos, telling each other about our day or how we, ok I, do my make-up (I’m sure he knows how to perfectly apply eyeliner by now). 

Another thing we would do is talk almost every night. Usually our phone calls would end with me falling asleep on the phone, then waking up after he hung up, then me calling him again, apologising for falling asleep, then me feeling asleep again. But seriously, what’s better than falling asleep hearing the voice of your love? Nothing, damn straight.  Sometimes we’d just talk about our day and sometimes vital matters would keep us awake. No matter what it is, it connected us. Because you are lacking this physical component of the relationship, you need to develop a different way of communicating with each other. Almost everything depends on what you say to each other. Communicate efficiently, this will connect you on another level. 


…and cake

Next month, Tom and I are going to Paris. It was a birthday present for him, and finally the time has come. Planning adventures is another key factor to a great long-distance relationship. You can look forward to something beautiful together, talk about what you want to do on the phone and experience your own little vacation in your mind before actually going there. 

Make the time you have together special. By this I don’t mean putting pressure on each other to make every single second perfect (that’d kinda ruin it), but to simply put effort into making nice things with each other. Whether it is going to the cinema, visiting that new pub in town or going to restaurants, you don’t have to go overboard with it, just do something enchanting that gives you the opportunity to enjoy a lovely time with your loved one. Sometimes it’s even great to simply relax or even work next to each other. I feel like I write the best texts when I have the chance to talk about what I want to say to my boyfriend. 

The things I wrote down merely function as guidelines. Some might work for you and your partner, some might not. Figure out what works for you along the way. I truly hope you’re enjoying your journey 🙂

Love always,





The Apartment of My Wildest Dreams – Part I


I am creating my dream home.

This year I am going to move into my first own apartment. With my first own I mean the first apartment that is not a room in a dormitory or an apartment where either of my parents live. I will be sharing my habitat (I’m being serious, I will spend most of the time in this beautiful cave, forever an introvert) with my boyfriend, the total diamond of my life, Tom. I am feeling really blessed because I can share my life with my best friend and my one true love. Might sound cheesy….yeah okay we pretty much are! (Also, we love cheese so much). Anyway, I feel so incredibly blessed with my sweetheart, my piece of gold.

Now, let’s get to work! *deviously rubs her hands*

The bedroom of my dreams, oh my. Have you ever imagined what your perfect bedroom would look like? I have an exact picture of the bed area in my head. I am only going to focus on the essentials though, otherwise this post would get way too long. Let’s start with the basics:

White. My bedroom is going to be very clear and bright. It will be calming and pure. I’m imagining white walls, maybe with a subtle mauve tinge, something calming. The room of my dreams has high windows, a complete window front would be THE DREAM, however, due to a lack of capital and the limited offer of apartments for rent in Berlin, I would also be happy with high windows. Or a high window. But, as my mantra is Dream Big, I’m saying that I want a freaking window front!

So, this room has to be bright during the day and offer a sight on the starlit sky during the night. The bed. A very essential part (hihihi). To be honest, I don’t have high standards when it comes to beds. Most of my life I have slept on tiny mattresses, on hard mattress, on creaking beds and on uncomfortable pillows. Or on no pillow at all. I do however have to admit that, in my wildest dreams, I am spending my nights on a king-sized mattress. I do not care if this mattress is positioned on simply a slatted frame or on wooden pallets (this would actually be quite hipster, hey), but I do want it to be big. I want to have enough space to roll around, and to not feel claustrophobic next to my boyfriend. (Okay, I have to admit that once when we were staying at my parents’ house we put two small mattresses next to each other and woke up on one of them in the morning).

The preferred colour for the duvet cover would be white, for the sheets I am imagining white (surprise!) with big, green leaves, bamboo leaves floating around…mh, how peaceful. Now it comes to the most crucial part of it all. Lights. There need to be lights above the bed. How else will you achieve this beautiful, dreamy, night sky feeling? So, fairy lights it is. Artfully draped from one side of the bedhead to the other. Hach, can you feel the calmness already?

Whether the mattress is alleviated or pretty much lies on the floor, there will be books next to it. Not many, just one or two for a relaxing bedtime reading before snuggling up and falling asleep.

I want the room to be very empty, plain, nothing that distracts our peaceful sleep. I will keep it simple but fill my bedroom with positive thoughts. Framed pictures will be saved for the living room ♥ . Whenever you are creating something for yourself, whether it is a drawing, a room or a cake (yes, cake is very important in life), always remember to stay true to yourself. Get inspiration on pinterest, tumblr, instagram, wherever really, but always remember that, in the end, this will be your own thing, so make it exactly the way you want it to be. This is a principal part of self-love. And always, always remember to love yourself. I believe in you.

So, I hope you enjoyed my little interior-design-tirade? I really hope so! And if yes, then I will let you in on my ideas regarding THE PERFECT LIVING ROOM in my next blog post.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Keep on shining, darling!



Neujahrs-Vorsätze 2016: Dieses Jahr aber wirklich!

Zu allererst: Prosit Neujahr! Wir haben’s geschafft, 2015 liegt hinter uns und nun wird a-l-l-e-s anders. Wir machen mehr Sport, essen gesünder und meditieren mindestens 2 mal am Tag. Außerdem werden wir unsere Sitznachbarn in der U-Bahn nicht mehr angeekelt anschauen, wenn sie einen Döner essen (wer kann’s ihnen verübeln, Döner ist nun mal ein wahrer Gaumenschmaus) und Chihuahua werden wir auch nicht mehr Fußhupe nennen, weil sie genau so eine Berechtigung haben, auf diesem Planeten herumzutippeln, wie wir Menschen.

Es ist jedes Jahr das Gleiche mit diesen ominösen Neujahrs-Vorsätzen: alle haben sie, alle halten sie für zwei Wochen ein, alle finden sich danach mit einer Flasche Sekt (wohlgemerkt ohne Glas) und einer halb-leeren Packung Pringles auf dem Sofa ein und regen sich über den Krav Maga Virtuosen auf, der unser Lehrer ist und unserem Körper das Leben zur Hölle macht.

Ich bin ja der Meinung, dass Neujahrsvorsätze, die unsere Linie, unseren Geldbeutel oder unsere Gesundheit betreffen, völlig überflüssig sind. Mit innerem Frieden kommt Äußerer, und deswegen sehen meine Neujahrsvorsätze wie folgt aus.

♥ Ich werde meine Meinung sagen. Viel zu oft nehme ich mich zurück, weil ich denke, andere könnten mich sonst für meine Meinung nervig finden. Aber das ist kompletter Stuss und deswegen: 2016 wird mein Jahr der freien Schnauze!

♥ Ich werde in mich hineinhorchen und auf das hören, was mein Körper mir sagt. Gesundheit kommt vor Uni und Arbeit. Es ist ja doch jedes Jahr das Selbe. Immer startet man hoch motiviert ins neue Arbeitsjahr/Semester, nimmt zu viel Verantwortung und Verpflichtungen auf sich (Sport! Jetzt! Dieses Essay schreiben! Jetzt!) und landet dann doch mit einem eingebildeten oder nicht so eingebildeten Burnout auf dem Sofa und schaut Sex and the City im Binge Watching Modus (siehe oben). Ich merke immer, dass es mir zu viel wird, wenn meine Ohren anfangen zu kribbeln. Deswegen werde ich im Jahr 2016 mehr auf meine Ohren hören. Hihi.

♥ Finde einen Hund zum Gassi-Gehen. Ich glaube das erklärt sich von alleine.


Muss…widerstehen! Niedlicher Puppy-Mops gefunden auf instagram

♥ Werde unnötigen Schnick-Schnack in deiner Wohnung los und lebe minimalistisch. Dafür werde ich mir erstmal ein Buch über Minimalismus besorgen. Ha.

♥ Wenn ich Zeit für mich alleine brauche, werde ich das sagen und sie mir einfach nehmen. Ich weiß nicht wie oft ich mir früher Ausreden ausgedacht habe, um Leuten nicht sagen zu müssen, dass ich einfach keine Lust habe, meine Wohnung zu verlassen. Damit ist jetzt Schluss, es ist völlig in Ordnung mal einen Tag alleine zu Hause zu verbringen, zu Lesen, zu Zeichnen oder um Musik zu machen. In den ruhigen Stunden in meinen Vier Wänden kann ich so viel schaffen, kreativ sein, ungehemmt zu Chart-Musik tanzen, die ich sonst gaar nicht mag und meine Introversion feiern. Introverts unite, seperately, in your rooms!


Mmmh Smoothie. Gesund und kann man gut alleine genießen.

♥ Sei unvoreingenommen gegenüber Menschen. Wirklich, Vorurteile sind so 2015. Ich will gar nicht daran denken, wie viele tolle Menschen wir nicht kennenlernen, weil wir uns vorschnell ein negatives Bild von ihnen machen. Stattdessen denke ich an all die neuen Freunde und Begegnungen, die mir 2016 bringen wird.


Ich werde dieses Jahr noch unglaublicher riechen!

♥ Lies mehr, reise so viel wie möglich, und genieße es, jung zu sein. Verantwortung, Uni, Arbeit, Finanzen, das alles steht uns im Weg,wenn wir einfach nur leben wollen. Steht es uns wirklich im Weg? Manchmal bauen wir diese fiktiven Mauern in unserem Kopf auf, die es uns unmöglich machen, einfach das zu tun, worauf wir Lust haben. Fuck that! Schließlich sind wir ja nur einmal jung, nicht an einen Job gebunden und frei von den meisten Verpflichtungen, die so ein Erwachsenenleben mit sich bringt. Also los, lasst uns das Jahr 2016 gebürtig feiern!




The question is..What do we wanna do with our life?

What do we want to do with our life? Do we want to go to college, get a job as a journalist, an ice cream vendor, a hairdresser, the host of a puppy show, an Instagram star?

There are literally endless opportunities for things you can do in this world, in Germany, in England, in China, Russia, South Africa, America. I think it doesn’t matter how old we are, where we are from and from which background, every once in a while we get to this point where we ask ourselves “What is this all about? What am I doing with my life? And am I really living up to my standards? To my dreams?”

What are you doing right now? Does it fulfill you? Does it make you happy? I am going to university right now, I study North American Studies, and it’s fun, it has opened my mind and I feel like I am growing every single day. I have met my squad (we are the weirdest girls ever!), my boyfriend and I am grateful every single day that I have ventured this step. All this wouldn’t have happened had I not made the decision to move to the greatest city ever (BERLIN, I LOVE YOU) and begin to study.

However, there are these days where I ask myself “What am I gonna do with this? And is this really what I want to do?”. I keep thinking that, had my father not told me to go to university and get a degree, I would have never decided to go this way. And I still think that there is more for me out there. I want to risk something, do something, discover the world and spend time with all those beautiful people in the world and see all those beautiful places! I want to jump into a cold sea in the middle of the night, stars sparkling on the sky above and dash out again to cuddle into a soft and warm towel.

What is it you want to do in your life, what are the things you feel an urge to experience? Have you ever thought about doing something that’s contrary to what people expect from you? Something that doesn’t match the status quo? As long as it fulfills you and doesn’t harm you or others, do it! Try it! When you find your dream job, dream place, dream everything, you will attract your people into your life. You will find your own tribe, your people who will understand you and love you for who you are (It is actually as easy as that 🙂 A positive mindset brings positive things into your life). And this is really all we need in life.

Life your life. Stay brave and adventurous. And damn, love yourself!



Celebrate the positive thought

Do you ever feel completely drained, everything makes you angry, you don’t want to leave the house, get groceries, make some food, even the simple things are too much?

We all do sometimes. We all have our grumpy days where we feel like telling everyone how pitiful we are. And that’s okay.

Now, what can we do about it?

The simplest step is this one: Decide to think the positive thought.

Your brain is one tricky little machine- we’ve trained it to think certain thoughts. I know how it feels to be stuck in your thoughts, to feel stuck in life. The good new is: we have trained our brain to think the negative thoughts, that means we have the ability to re-train it. That’s awesome, right?

We all have these low days, feeling all helpless. Trapping ourselves in these dark places is, however, not a good idea. You might think you already lost the key to unlock the cage, but believe me, you have in deep inside of you.

Never forget, you are awesome. You are the most wonderful creature there is and you should celebrate that every-freaking-day. Celebrate by choosing the positive thought. The energy you invest in either thinking the positive or negative thought is the same-only that you will feel way better when you go for the Yay! instead of the Meh.

Love yourself! You are glorious!



It’s okay to be proud of yourself.

Hello dear,

I am writing these words while half-sitting/half-lying on my couch in my flat in Berlin. Yesterday I went to a friend’s Birthday (ok, it kind of turned into a sleep-over, so loved that when I was a child, didn’t you too?) and I’m recalling the events of last night.

Do you ever catch yourself at telling a story you kind of feel ashamed of because you think others will ridicule for it, even though you’re actually proud of it? Ok, that was one confusing sentence! I’ll simply tell you what happened to me last night, it really upsets me thinking about it now: So the thing is, I used to be part of a group of jugglers. We would wear medieval costumes, sleep and live in tents and we would make appearances on renaissance festivals. We were kind of living like people did back then, simple compared to today, we would eat, juggle, sleep, that was it. And I loved it. I loved it so much and I was incredibly proud of the group and of myself. I felt like I could do something others couldn’t. And I loved showing what I can do.

So yesterday, we were talking about theme parks. In Germany, the biggest one is in Rust, it’s called “Europapark”, and every year they would hire our group to perform for the visitors. That is what I told them. The point is that I didn’t express it like I was proud of myself but my voice soften and my eyes would move away from their faces and towards the floor. I felt ashamed of something I had loved so much. Fortunately, my girlfriends are amazing and immediately told me I needn’t be embarrassed for it (they got the excitement with juggling 😉 ). However, thinking about it now makes me angry. I was scared of being ridiculed so I started it myself. exerted shame on myself because I thought that’s what the others would expect me to do.

So, lovely, let me tell you: Never, ever, ever, ever, ever feel ashamed for something you really really are proud of. Never feel ashamed for your quirks, preferences or skill (however freaky or absurde they may seem, I’m sure they are amazing!) because that’s what really makes you you! And that is amazing! Otherwise, we would all be the same, same old boring everyday.

Darling, never feel ashamed of yourself. You are perfect the way you are. And you are brave enough to champion your cause. And not only will YOU love yourself for it, others will notice it too and won’t even think about trying to ridicule you (except if they suck, that’s not your problem though). They will think that you’re on badass woman (which you absolutely are)!

Be proud of yourself!

Today (and every day) I want you to celebrate yourself! Stand up for your opinion and never ever allow others to impose shame on you!

You are RAD!

Love always,


When life wears you down, how do you get back your glow?

Dear precious reader,

it’s been some time since I last uploaded a text on here and I want to say: I’m sorry for that. Do you know these times of low-energy, low-motivation and an overall feeling of being stuck? That’s exactly what happened to me the last few weeks and still goes on in some respect.

I was thinking what is going on, asking myself what I could do to end this time of barrenness and unhappiness. Is it really life that is wearing me down or am I the own to be made responsible? (I guess you already know what the answer to this question is, right?)

It is me!

It is me, my past, my future, my thoughts, my experiences, my fears, my not existing dealing with important issues in my life. Indecisiveness really takes your peppiness! (How awesome is this word, by the way?)

So my first step to get out of this cycle of unproductiveness and dissatisfaction was to leave my home town and and make my way to the place of my wildest dreams: Berlin. It is amazing how some of my inner tensions disappeared the moment more than 100 kilometers separated me from the small town I come from. Old emotional ballast escaped my chest and I felt like I could breathe again. Moreover, I suddenly felt my brain opening up again, making room for new ideas, new adventures and a new me.

Then, university started and I was back in this place of feeling insufficient, overwhelmed and helpless.

So much work to do, new faces, new syllables, it can all be overwhelming at times.

But: University is for widening your horizon, expanding your knowledge about things that really interest you, that excite your passion! University is not a place of misery but a place for growth and fun!

I think it’s so amazing how our body shows us exactly what we need: since I am under constant pressure (induce by this girl here!), I feel a strong urge to buy all things that smell like rose; I got myself a hand cream smelling like rose, tea made of rose bud…And I told a friend about this sudden need for rosy things. She told me that she always drinks a cup of the rose bud tea when she needs to calm down. Rose apparently has a soothing effect on our bodies. It’s amazing, right?

Now, I want to know how you cope when you’re feeling low or when your chest feels do you cope? What are your techniques?

Lovely, I wish you a wonderful and exciting day!



Declaration of Love – To Myself

My dear reader,

Valentine’s Day is over, you did it. You survived this day of consumption and declarations of love (which should be made every-single-day).

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really care for Valentine’s Day as such, as day where you feel the need to express the love to your partner, by sending him or her flowers, by crafting some beautiful heart-shaped pillow/letter/anything for your lover or by simply not mentioning their flaws on this one day. Not to be misunderstood, I love all of what I just listed. But I do not subscribe to doing them only once per year on a day called Valentine’s Day.

If you are part of facebook, it’s inevitable to notice the madness that comes with this ominous day. I read articles by lovely ladies trying to strengthen all the single ladies out there, trying to prepare them for the big day, reassuring them that they are amazing, smart, beautiful and don’t need a man to fulfill their wildest dreams. Were you aware that Valentine’s Day is apparently a threat to the self-esteem of a woman? I did not until last Valentine’s Day. And this made me really sad.

I want to tell you how I spent my Valentine’s Day. Now as I’m thinking about it, I remember that it all started at a party. Friday the thirteenth, we had had a huge exam, testing us on the history, cultural world and literary productions in America since the very beginning. It was a bid deal for all of us, so we felt ready to shake it all off at a little get-together. I remember a friend asking me what day it was and I self-evidently answered ”Sure! It’s Friday the thirteenth!” No, it wasn’t. I had lost all my sense of time, so he answered ”No, it’s past twelve, so it’s Valentine’s Day!” And then he gave me a biiig and looong kiss on my left cheek. He was so sweet.

That is how I started into Valentine’s Day.

When I woke up at home after the party, I did some cleaning. First things first, if the flat is not tidy, my mind and heart aren’t either.

At around two I met my wonderful friend Ronja at Friedrichstraße in Berlin. First we visited a friend of ours, Marina, at All Saints, we did some (shoe) shopping there (I feel so guilty) and in Marina’s break went for a coffee near the Spree. It was beautiful. You know these moments where everything feels right? Where you feel overwhelmed with how content and happy you are with your life? Yeah, that was one of these moments.After finishing our coffees, we started walking back towards Friedrichstraße and Ronja and I decided that it was time for some bookstore-bliss. And good God, I had never seen that many beautiful and special books in one place in my whole life before. It was total beatitude. I decided for Girl Trouble by Carl Dyhouse which is about movements of feminism in the history of England.Luckily for me, Ronja chose to give a beautiful version of Pride and Prejudice to me, its cover is a very special black and white drawing. I felt blissful.

Lovely you, I wholeheartedly hope that you too had an incredible Day of Love. And I hope that you decided to have more of these in your life than just once a year. I hope for you to manage to tell yourself how much you love yourself with all he little flaws and quirks that make you so spectacular, special, unique and perfect.

I’m going to start by telling you: I love you. Now it’s your turn.

Yours forever,